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Unlock the European market by buying our TikTok Business Account Europe. Exclusively designed for advertising, this isn't a personal account for videos and reactions. Instead, tap into the power to create, customize, and control targeted ad campaigns across Europe and Arab countries. For optimal results, it's recommended to link a payment method issued in European countries. Buy a TikTok account now for unmatched marketing success!

  • Target Europe, Arab
  • Ads Pay in Euro
  • No VAT
  • 2-Day Warranty


For safe login, use Anti-detect browser

  • These browsers are designed to make your digital fingerprint unique and reduce the risk of problems if you already have blocked accounts on your computer.
  • Use reliable and well-known anti-detect browsers like Gologin, Morelogin, Adspower, or Incogniton.

For safe login, use Proxy

  • If you use proxies, always choose high-quality private proxy servers that match the country of the account you purchased.
  • Avoid public proxies or cheap VPNs.
  • Use one proxy for one account. Mixing can raise suspicions from the social network.
  • Change the proxy about once a month, as the IP address of a regular user also changes from time to time.
  • Use reliable and well-known proxies such as ProxyCheap, Astroproxy, Proxy6, SmartProxy, ProxyEmpire, and Asocks.

Payment method

The payment method in TikTok is a key aspect to pay attention to. Most of the blocking happens after you add a payment method to your account. Feel the difference - if you have something wrong with your ad, it is just sent for revision, but your account is blocked immediately if something is wrong with your payment method.

  • We advise you to add your payment method but don't launch your ad campaigns immediately. Wait until your account "gets used" to the new payment method, and you make sure it is not blocked, then start creating ads.
  • Use a valid and reliable payment method that matches the account country.
  • Avoid frequently changing payment methods.
  • It's better if your card's issuing country matches the account's country. Otherwise, it can raise suspicions from the social network.
  • A credit card is better than a debit card, a big bank is better than an online wallet service, and a physical card is always better than a virtual card.


  • When preparing an advertising campaign, avoid flashy texts about instant results and promises of rapid effects.
  • To avoid saying things that aren't allowed, like promising quick results, tell a story instead. Show someone who had good results using the product you're advertising. You can make videos showing and discussing the product's benefits. This kind of ad follows the rules, and people like it more.
  • If your ad isn't getting impressions or clicks, increase the bid manually until it starts showing up. After that, start fine-tuning your campaign.

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