Buy a Facebook Account

Select the type of Facebook advertising account that fits your needs and immediately access the platform's key features to create and run effective ad campaigns. Our accounts include Verified Account Status for enhanced trust, Aged Account History for proven reliability, and Instant Access to Ads Manager, ensuring a smooth and efficient advertising experience.

Asked Questions

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Why should I buy a Facebook, Business Manager, or TikTok account?

Purchasing verified old Facebook accounts provides immediate access to advertising, bypassing platform limitations. Business Managers are optimized for launching effective campaigns, while TikTok accounts offer distinctive avenues for ad engagement. By choosing our store, you diversify your advertising channels and fortify your risk management approach. Get started today!

Is it safe to buy Facebook and TikTok accounts?

Yes, at Zapsocials, we provide our customers with a service that ensures their account data's total security and privacy. However, remember that we do not change passwords or settings set during the purchase. If you make the changes at once, the platforms can detect an attempt to malicious access. We suggest customers make the necessary changes progressively.

How can I place my order?

Making your purchase of Facebook, BM, and TikTok accounts is simple and takes only a few minutes. Add the desired product to your cart from the product page, then proceed to checkout, enter your email, and tell us how many accounts you want. That's all!

Are the Facebook, Business Manager, and TikTok accounts high quality?

Yes, Zapsocials offers its customers quality accounts, which help them plan, create, and run ad campaigns within the social media platform in which you want to start monetizing. Therefore, the real accounts we offer have all the essential data and recent activity to expand business visibility and improve their income opportunities significantly.

How long should I wait to receive my order?

Account activation only takes a few minutes, so you should receive your order via email immediately.

Can I use the purchased account or Business Manager to launch ads immediately after purchase?

Yes, all our accounts and Business Managers are ready for advertising campaigns immediately upon purchase. However, in some cases, for security reasons, we recommend waiting around 12-24 hours after your first login to the account before starting any advertising activity.

Do you offer any service guarantee?

Our service guarantee offers account replacement within a specified period if your account is blocked or restricted or if you have problems logging in. Please note that the guarantee only applies to those customers who have not launched an ad campaign, have changed account details, or added payment information.

What should I do if the account or Business Manager gets banned?

Please get in touch with our support team, and we'll assist you in resolving the issue.

Can I get a refund if the account or Business Manager does not match its description?

Yes, we provide a refund guarantee in cases where the product does not match its description.

Can I change the email and password of the account or Business Manager after purchase?

Yes, post-purchase modifications to account details are possible, but we generally advise against it. Changing details can trigger additional verifications and reduce trust from the social network. If changes are essential, please consider waiting at least 7-14 days of active account usage.

What is a TikTok Business Account, and how does it benefit advertising?

A TikTok Business Account is a specialized account type, working separately from the regular account, designed for brands, businesses, and marketers to engage with the TikTok audience using targeted advertising features effectively.

How do you verify accounts and Business Managers before selling them?

Each account and Business Manager undergoes a rigorous verification process. We ensure they are in working condition, free from restrictions, and meet all platform guidelines. Additionally, we test for functionality, validate security protocols, and confirm they're primed for advertising without hitches.