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Introducing the Ultimate Facebook Reinstated Account – your one-stop solution for efficient online advertising. Designed for marketers and businesses aiming to streamline their ad campaigns, this account offers unmatched capabilities to maximize your brand's visibility on Facebook. Buy Facebook Accounts now and upgrade your marketing strategy! Advertising Restricted Access Reinstated.

  • SIM-сard Provided
  • Includes ID Photos
  • Reinstated Account
  • 15-Day Warranty


For safe login, use Anti-detect browser

  • These browsers are designed to make your digital fingerprint unique and reduce the risk of problems if you already have blocked accounts on your computer.
  • Use reliable and well-known anti-detect browsers like Gologin, Morelogin, Adspower, or Incogniton.

For safe login, use Proxy

  • If you use proxies, always choose high-quality private proxy servers that match the country of the account you purchased.
  • Avoid public proxies or cheap VPNs.
  • Use one proxy for one account. Mixing can raise suspicions from the social network.
  • Change the proxy about once a month, as the IP address of a regular user also changes from time to time.
  • Use reliable and well-known proxies such as ProxyCheap, Astroproxy, Proxy6, SmartProxy, ProxyEmpire, and Asocks.

Payment method

  • Use a valid and reliable payment method that matches the account country.
  • Avoid frequently changing payment methods.
  • It's better if your card's issuing country matches the account's country. Otherwise, it can raise suspicions from the social network.
  • A credit card is better than a debit card, a big bank is better than an online wallet service, and a physical card is always better than a virtual card.

Account warming

  • Do not launch advertising campaigns immediately after purchasing an account. Instead, spend some time using the account like a regular user: like, comment, and share posts.
  • Do not change your account settings. Or do it progressively.
  • After logging into your account for the first time, it's best to wait 1-2 days before creating an ad campaign.

Advertising budget

  • Start with small budgets and simple ad campaigns.
  • If you have a profitable advertising campaign, expand it slowly. A quick increase in the budget may raise suspicions.
  • Increase your budget by 10-20% every 3-5 days.

How to run advertising campaigns

  • Avoid using prohibited or restricted content in advertisements.
  • Run a test campaign with a minimal budget to ensure everything works correctly before the main launch.
  • Don't use the same promotional material too many times. Rotate your images, videos, and text.
  • Keep an eye on reviews and complaints about your ads. High levels of negative feedback can trigger blocking.

By following these instructions, you can minimize the risk of being blocked by Facebook when you launch ad campaigns on a new account. These instructions do not guarantee that your accounts will work 100% of the time, especially if you use them to promote prohibited content. We are against violating the rules of Facebook's advertising platform.

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